Policies on Vaccinations


Does your pet have vaccinations that are due by their next visit at Katie’s? Please note that we do accept TITER TEST results. Have the conversation with your Vet about this! 

Our policy is still the same: If you do not provide any updated records of your pet’s vaccinations (WHEN CHECKING IN), we will not accept your pets visit for that day! If you forget the updated info of proof, you can call your vet and have them confirm with us over the phone, or email us the records at katie@katiesdoggrooming.com. We also accept a picture of the documents. We will call your Vet for a fee of $10.00.

Vaccinations Needed


Distemper/ Parvo

Bordetella, aka. Kennel cough

This is a safety procedure for all of our loved ones.


appointment Reminders

We offer text reminders

Please let us know which way you would like for us to remind you of your upcoming appointment! We do offer text message reminders ,but you Must reply with a C to confirm!    

   Effective 1/1/2019 If you do not confirm your appointment through text by replying with a C or do not respond with a return phone call 24 hours before your scheduled time, we will give your appointment away. We have a very active cancellation  list of people waiting to come in, by letting us know we can then give them your spot.

Phone Call

We will Gladly call you and remind you of your next appointment. Please let us know which suits you best and make sure we have the proper updated numbers for these services!


Every dog should be groomed at least 3 to 4 times a year. Grooming services help preventative health maintenance on your dog, we check teeth, ears, and look out for any unusual growths that you the owner may not notice. We do not replace the proper veterinarian care that your dog needs. We just help look out for the best for your dog and may suggest some things that may need attention.

Upcoming Events

 We are "LUCKY" to have our clients! Mention where you saw "LUCKY" when making your next appointment and receive $5.00 off your next grooming visit in March 2019


We Offer 10% discount for people who serve in the military and the police/fire departments. With an I.D.

Vaccination Requirements

We require that your pet is current on the following vaccinations and provide proof of:


Distemper / Parvo  

Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Must have recieved vaccinations at least 3 days prior to grooming visit

This ensures the safety of all our beloved pets. We gladly accept Titers or any note from your  vet exempting your dog from vaccinations due to health reasons/age. Please bring the proof with you on your appointment date, if you do not have the proof we will not accept your dog!


We gladly take donations of old towels, cages and crates.


How long should I expect my dogs visit with you?

We ask for at least 3-4 hours . Typically for dogs that are 2 -70 lbs, The dogs thickness , condition of coat and their behavior is all considered in that timely manner. If you have a dog that isn't good with grooming, or 100lbs plus, a very thick coat it may take longer.

Why do you use cages?

We at Katies feels that cages are required for all of the dogs safety and security . We are not able to make sure your dog wont be attack by others or stepped on by groomers or run out the door towards 40. Safety, Security and Comfort.

Hey guess what!

Fleas happen , and when they do please let us know! If you are not aware that your dog has fleas, we will tell you and charge you regardless of you knowing of fleas or not anywhere from $20.00 to $40.00 extra. We do our best to keep fleas from happening.  We do quarterly flea bombs, and recommend flea preventative.